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Monday, April 14, 2008

All the Promise of a Brave New World

Thanks to all the communication and access to knowledge provided by the Internet and now augmented with video thanks to YouTube has made me so hopeful about our future.

I hope that we never forget peace and prosperity is tenuous at best.


It as long been my belief that a fundamental corner stone of American charity for American's be enterprise loans to open new businesses.  Even if those loans go to people who might not qualify for a personal loan.  We should never underestimate the power of granting power to the dispossessed.


The best way to create jobs is not through protectionist policies but by providing capital and assistance to round after round of small businesses.

Just imagine if, instead of the stimulus package meant to be thrown away on consumables, it had been a hundred thousand dollars in millions of small business loans to startup, women owned, minority, and low income individuals wanting to create companies.  The money would not only stimulate the economy it would create jobs, it would put money in the hands of workers, who earned it rather than had it given.

This has been a plan I've been harboring for a long time.  Why the heck is it taking so long to come to fruition?

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