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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blythe Dolls Reaching a Tipping Point

By Christopher Wilde

I stumbled across Blythe dolls and was immediately stuck by archetypal appeal.  Right now they are a high end collectors item selling new for about $80.00 us and original dolls going for thousands.

Why they lack the cuddliness of  a Beanie Baby and tend to be associated with the 70s when they came out, I believe that they represent  a futuristic techno feminist.  If someone would brand these dolls with technological savvy, female power, the coolness of an iphone I think these dolls could resonate with the same market segments that attracts young girls to Miley Cyrus.

The result would be that these dolls could fly off the shelves in a major way.   They should be sold at Starbucks holding a latte.

You heard it here first.


This is a good start but the pink, girly quality of the device need to be changed to reflect women power and not girl power.  The head of the doll alone is enough to inspire the youthfulness of the appeal.  Everything else needs to be sleeker think standard cell phone versus ipod or iphone.

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