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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Choking on the Apple

My biggest issue with Apple is that they are too expensive.  The price tag goes up when you compare the prices of Mac software with software for windows.  Rather than making an effort to bring the price down Apple uses the exclusivity of their product as part of their business model.  Apple has long held that it is the better product.  Most rational people see it as a product, at it's core the uniqueness of Apple is just bells and whistles, nothing that couldn't be duplicated by a Windows machine.  In fact when Apple does something really well, the idea is quickly copied.

The promise of the computer age is that the cost has continually come down making it so that even in third world countries children can have the benefit of a $200 laptop.  The Internet has been a greater equalizer than the Colt ever was.


While Apple has a tremendous influence and impact, they are not about changing the world.  They are not about empowering the under privileged, they are about creating a cool factor so that people who have an apple can walk around feeling they are better people than those who don't.


There has been a lot of news about MAC clones, and while it doesn't look like this is really going to pan out.  I wish it would.

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