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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LIVE BLOG - The Debate

April 16, 2008

7:43 MST  Obama just defends himself for knowing someone, who has done something, no one agrees with.

Hillary responds by trying to drive the stake in deeper. 

7:45 MST Obama comes back force feeds Hilary her own crap.  She smiles and takes it!  Why is it when Hilary smiles she looks like she's seething?


The issue before the break had to do with a former Pentagon bomber from forty-years ago who is now an English professor and whom Obama served on a board with.  Apparently Hillary believes that the best way to reach out to people is to separate yourself from them, Obama, to communicate with them. A group called the Weather Underground


Let's see Hillary and Bill make a $100 million, Obama makes 4 million.  Does that make her  96 million dollars more an elitist?


Seriously, let's face it, the only way Hillary Clinton can win this election is by tearing down Obama if she doesn't drop out after Pennsylvania she's only going to get worse.

7:53 MST Wow, Hilary will pull out the troops even if it will reverse the gains.  That kind of inflexibility concerns me and one of the things I like most about Obama is that he tempers his withdraw plans with what I consider to be rational thinking.  I don't believe we should just pull out of Iraq.  I don't want to see average citizens to suffer twice as much as they do now if we leave behind a power vacuum.

I think the hedge her for both Candidates is that they could pull back by pulling into Afghanistan and still be close at hand.

7:57 MST Hmm, Obama is taking the same tact.  Pull out. Will he temper?  Yes he does, "I will always listen to our commanders.."

He said that regarding tactics.

7:59 Tough Question!  Do we extend our protection blanket over Israel if Iran attacks?  And Obama says, yes with out saying yes.  Tricky territory. 


You know with all the things going on in the Middle East, and China growing so strong in power how long before we have to include China in all of our middle east meddling?  Note to self, read up on China's middle east policy.

8:04 MST Now the issue is the economy and raising taxes.

Hillary will you make a read my lips please for people making less than $200,00 a year.  Yeah cause we need them.  And Hilary says, yes, no new taxes, and cuts to boot.  Absolute commitment no middle class tax increase.

Obama:  I was the first to say I would cut them to the middle class.

Yes, yes, yes.  We need them.


8:13 MST Crap got distracted thinking about China.  Ok Let me get back on the debate.  Let's see Hilary talking now....bla bla bla.


Hilary said we have to look at what we are going to invest in.  She's right. 

And I say:

Here is what we need to invest in, Education, Healthcare, and business loans.  Make people smarter, help them to stay healthy, give them help to start businesses.


I'm sorry Hilary, since you count Bill's time in office as experience under your belt, then you've already had the benefit of the office.


8:28 MST  Discussion has now turned to Gun control.  Let me preempt the candidates here any make a very serious point about my right to bear arms.  I want two things, a) the ability to defend myself from an attacker, home invader, campus shooter.  b) I want the ability to defend myself against my government.

Now, for those of you who have tried to make the argument that citizens really have no chance against the US Army please tell me why we aren't getting ahead in Iraq?   The truth is that yes, a pistol, a shot gun, a long range rifle can be useful in a citizen rebellion.  Because if that were the scenario, the first order of business would be to take the small weapons and use those weapons to upgrade.

8:37 MST  Hilary believes gas prices are part of market manipulation like Enron.  I don't think so... but it's a nice line.

8:42 MST Commercial break.  Well this was spur of the moment,  so it wasn't all that special (the blogging)  and if you can't tell I really don't like Hillary.  And yes, if my choice is Hillary or John.  Guess what I'll vote John.  Why would I do that, because I like so many others voted democrat for the first time in my life because of Obama.  Obama is what he is today because people like myself heard and liked his message.  Hillary has no chance of keeping my vote NONE!

8:47 MST  FINAL QUESTION is about Super Delegates.


Hilary:  Claims she is a fighter who is going to take on special interests  (which interests those that funded her campaign, those that pay her husband gobs of money to hear him speak, those that have her tied to China).

Please Obama, nail her.  Because let's remember Obama has raised all of those millions by small donors Americans like me and you!


Obama:  bla bla bla, started this campaign   He bets on the American people- he should they gave him the money.  Change happens from the bottom up.....ok here it comes he's revving up.  That's right,  people who never voted before are voting this year because of Obama, many of them fresh in college.


I don't like Bruce Springsteen, but we both like Obama.


Now since we spent the night on Democrats let me say this about McCain.  If there is any form of mistreatment he has received in this campaign it has been the constant age discrimination.  He's not too old, Bob Dole is not too old, and many other who will come after are not too old.  We are living longer better lives.  We need to get use to having the benefit, wisdom, and experience of older folks.  That doesn't mean he shouldn't hold their political feet to the fire, but let's drop the age issue.  One day we will be there too, and we might still have the fight and drive to do something really great. 

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