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Future Philosophy

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Short Story: The Wait

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Future Philosophy is my outlet for divinations about the future and their potential impact on society and existence. The visions run from short-term trends to long-term inevitabilities. If you see something you think others should read please share.

The Visions
Frequently I have full blown visions, such as when it became absolutely clear to me six months ago that humans would eventually be immortal, and that this would occur in leaps much like Moore's law doubled chip speed so to human life span would double every couple of years. It was a vision because at the time I saw this I also saw what life might be like.

I took the immortality vision and began channeling it into a semi-autobiographical novel.  My other writings include two unproduced screenplays, and a short story I plan to be submitting shortly.

To read more about my past I recommend: My Operation Chaos: What I Learned in Talk Radio

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