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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A New Shopping Cart


This current thought began while listening to a radio program discussing "walking communities."  There are a lot of terms for this, but the general idea is that people should be able to work, shop, and play within walking distance from their homes and take mass transit everywhere else.  Great idea, love it, but not practical.  A particular sticking point is grocery shopping.  How do you get all the groceries home without making several trips?  Who hasn't driven past an apartment complex only to see dozens of shopping carts strewn throughout the various buildings?


I suppose the grocery stores could drive around in a natural gas powered vehicles and pick them up, but that would mean encouraging people to use them to walk home, and it would necessitate the stores making a hasty effort to retrieve.  That got me musing that some form of automated car could deliver groceries.  That's when I stumbled upon this video (see below).   I can envision hundreds of these walking through the streets carrying our goods back home for us, it'd be worth walking to the store just to use one.


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