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Thursday, April 24, 2008

On Vampires

I stumbled upon a Blog here on blogspot dedicated to Vampires, I couldn't read it but looking at the pictures and taking into account that the web page is URL is vampirescool it's easy to get the feel for the tone.

It got me thinking that Vampires have ceased to be scary.  I think it's time for a semi-spoof film, ala John Waters in which all the vampires are enormously fat people with tick like features.  I envision these creatures to be so plump that when they walk the folds around their middles bounce, constantly reminding the audience that they are filled with the blood of "normal" people.  Because they are vampires they still have great strength and speed, the typical spooky stuff.

I write this in my blog because it was an inspiration.  That means expect to start to see this concept enter the main stream in the next four to six months.

If any visual artist out there would like to create a very realistic competent drawing I'll gladly put it next to this post.

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