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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Please Invent

This is a simple contraption, The Bean Machine (not to be mistaken with the Galton box to demonstrate the law of error and normal distribution).  Americans need to eat more beans.  Yes, I know lots of people don't for obvious reasons, but most of the time that can be over come by letting your beans soak over night.  My problem is when it's time to cook them.  Hour, to an hour and a half to wait for a bland food to tenderize, that's a major chunk of my time.

The Bean Machine, let's you put in a wide variety of legumes, plug in, select the bean and desired cooking style and walk away.  It even has a timer, if you soak your beans overnight, drain and place in the Bean Machine, set the timer, and when you return home your beans are ready to fold into your favorite dish.

A crock pot or pressure cooker won't do people will line up to buy the Bean Machine.

Hey if we can do this with rice and vegetables why not beans?

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