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Monday, April 14, 2008

Portable Furniture

One of the things I use to most like about IKEA was that their furniture use to be designed to fit in a small car.  I'm sure some of it still is, but that's not what I want.  I was also told that snap together wood floors (Pergo) were designed so that renters could pick them up and take them with when they moved out.

What I need is a furniture collection, that is comfortable, decorative, simple, and most of all can be easily disassembled and compacted into the smallest space possible.  This way I can move around the country at my leisure and take my whole house with me in a pull along trailer.


I found a few neat examples at WebUrbanist, I really like the bookshelf.  I like the coffee table love seat below it, but five grand.  Give me a break.  A lot of the furniture on their page is neat, but it's meant to be dual use, not compacted to move.


  This is great if you're ten and don't mind sleeping on an inch of cheap foam.  They might have just saved the space of the bed and put in a hammock and a couple of wall bolts.


HA. HA.  Check out this page and scroll to the bottom.  A flat pack house!

It would be hilarious to mock this up a bit more and then for a bit of candid camera fun pop them up in city parks, or anywhere someone might walk off to lunch and come back and find a house.

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