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Friday, April 11, 2008


From the time that IBM launched the 8088 personal computer to this day we've been living in the computer revolution.  Economically computers have been an engine, an epoch of growth, much like the industrial revolution.  During the late nineties, when I was a talk radio host, I spoke of the coming robotics revolution.  It's not here yet, but we are close.

Most people are waiting for AI to develop to a perceptual human intelligence level, but I find that to be a small marker, the more important milestone will be a fuel system that lets a man sized robot operate for twelve to fourteen hours before needing a refill, and which can charge up to full power in the remaining twenty-four hour cycle.

However before that can be achieved the utility of robots will vastly alter the human landscape, and dramatically alter the lives of our planets most disaffected poor.

Without launching into a long tirade about how robots will supplant jobs, just consider every illegal immigrant, or even every legal immigrant who comes here as a migrant worker to work in America's fields.  Imagine their jobs simply gone.  Their labor replaced by robots.

Now, think about all the farms that have the capital to afford the new robots and those that don't.  How quickly will those farmers that replace all of their human labor with robots be able to buy the land of their neighbors?  Very quickly!  In any company, and farms are companies, labor is the most expensive cost.  When that cost is completely eliminated profits increase followed by ambitious expansion.

This is the time to prepare.  Food is an essential human right, not mush, not corn and sugar products, fruits, vegetables, and meats.  If we do not plan to provide these things in healthy quantities to every human being on the planet, then we will have no choice but to plan for planet wide civil war.  Just look to every country were civil war and poverty lie hand in hand.

In another post I will clarify my position on human rights, nations, and liberty.  However, as suburban American's we need to find a way to turn our subdivisions, and urban corners into public food sources, as part of a larger plan of basic need containment.

That is not to say that world wide globalization is bad.  Absolutely, lets trade the surplus, let's invent the Ipods, have them made over there, and sold over here.  Let's eat bananas from South America, but let's make sure that your basic human needs are met with resources that can be obtained locally.


-Christopher Wilde 

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