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Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Share in the Planet

Food, clothing, education, housing, top of the line health care, and transportation these are the basics that every person needs to survive and propagate real liberty. In addition I would add community, but at this moment I am not willing to quantify that into a simple economic unit.

It is only a start. As individuals we need to be investing in the basics, those basics should produce tax free revenue. The revenue is counted against the cost of using those goods for ourselves, the surplus should be sold and the difference used for a reduction in labor.

For example in practical terms, an individual works a typical career path, invests in companies that produce these basics and the result is a hundred thousand dollars a year. Subtract modest living cost, and the rest is used to eliminate your need to work. Any income you produce outside of that or over that should be used to assist someone else in obtaining the same economic freedom.

For now I'll put aside the issues of making, taxing, forcing, etc. I'm not suggesting this as a path of coercion, I'm suggesting it as a philosophical view of need. Adopt this philosophy and look for ways to perpetuate it to promote planetary equality.

-Christopher Wilde

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