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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Solar Farm

A good friend of mine and I were discussing solar power.  My idea was to allow for a solar farm in which home owners would invest in the farm and receive a share of the energy.  This way existing homes that could not easily be retrofitted could get the benefit of offsite solar energy.  This is not a new idea, my twist on the idea is that the share needs to be linked as a permanent asset tied to the property that is sold and transferred with the property.

Yes, this would increase the value of the house.  It would also mean that those who could most easily afford the share price would invest first, and as the up and coming also buy and sell property more frequently would most likely spread the growth of solar shares since they would be forced to keep it with the property for which it was bought.


The reason I am mentioning this now is because yesterday on KPCW I heard they are doing a similar thing, though I don't know what the legal structure of their share program.

Listen to a Pod Cast from KCPW about the Solar Farm

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