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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stephen Hawking Seeks a New World

The 66-year-old astrophysics suggests that just like Christopher Columbus sailed to a new world we need to, 'spread out into space.'

"People might well have argued it was a waste of money to send Columbus on a wild goose chase," he said.  With all do respect Mr. Hawking, Christopher Columbus found the new world by accident.  He had a major economic incentive to sail, he was looking for a new passage.

That aside, he is right in his estimates that we need to plan on a planetary hunt outside of our solar system in the next 200 to 500 years.

However, this will be much more foreseeable in just twenty-years time.  By then it will be clear to the world that our increased life span would let someone at a hundred years of age spend the second hundred years of life in space.

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