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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Steps Toward Immortality

By Christopher Wilde

It is my position, and at the core of my current book manuscript, that through technology human beings will ultimately live forever.  News of breaking technology, even small steps, help to flush out the time line for when and how this will occur.  For the record I do not anticipate immortality for myself but for my children's children.

I consider the recent discovery of a new process to extract and copy the elements of human cells for the production of anti-bodies to be a profound step.  It's not just replacing of body parts that is important it's also in fighting all of the incremental bacteria and viruses that weaken and kill.

"With just a few tablespoons of blood, we can now rapidly generate human antibodies that can be used for immunization, diagnosis and treatment of newly emerging strains of influenza," said Patrick Wilson, an immunology researcher at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, whose study appears in the journal Nature.

The process also could be used to make antibodies for hepatitis C or antibiotic-resistant infections or even for human immunodeficiency virus or HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

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Scientists find a quicker way to make antibodies

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