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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Voter Irregularities & Lunchbox Democrats

First I heard CNN report the League of Women voters (non-partisan) had reports of massive voting irregularities. The particular problem that stuck in my ear was that republicans who had converted to democrats where not properly showing as having been registered an so were denied the opportunity to vote in the Democratic primary. They were turned away. However MSNBC is reporting :

No major voting irregularities

Posted: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 12:50 PM by Mark Murray
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From NBC/NJ's Matthew E. Berger
According to Leslie Amoros, a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania State Department, there have been no major voter irregularities in the state.

"It's just been minor, normal kinds of stuff," she said. "Nothing major, nothing widespread."

She said polling places do not report turnout numbers throughout the day, but that anecdotally she has learned it is high, aided by the nice weather.

There is no web version of CNN's report yet appearing on their web site. - 7:22 PM MST

This just in from Faye Anderson Ballet Trouble:

Across the state in Philadelphia, election officials and poll workers were unprepared for the high turnout. In the birthplace of our democracy, there were voting irregularities, including malfunctioning voting machines and incomplete voter registration rolls. The names of many of the voters who switched their party registration to Democrat were not on the rolls so they were given a provisional ballot, which may or may not be counted.

As for the Lunchbox Democrats

Apparently 'lunchbox' and 'blue collar' are the preferred terms used to describe a special kind of democrat. The kind of democrat that Hillary has won in PA.

"Clinton was winning support from two of three whites without college degrees, and about the same number of whites from families earning under $50,000 a year, according to preliminary figures from exit polls of voters conducted for The Associated Press and the television networks."

Apparently they cling to their guns, their religion, and their stupidity. Should we conclude that Hillary isn't really a teachers democrat.

Sure, sure, that's mean spirited but look at the numbers Obama continues to carry the most important segment of Democratic voters, young people who have never voted before. Young voters have historically been apathetic. Again and again he get's them out in record numbers. Democrats need to sit back and ask themselves do they ever want the country to swing democrat?

I don't consider myself a democrat, but I know that I would much rather have our country be as close to fifty fifty as possible. I want those candidates needing to constantly fight to sway the independent vote, and for that to happen the democratic party needs a candidate who can build it like no other.

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