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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who Gets the Youth Vote?

I told you Obama.  Readers of this blog might remember in a political tirade I made the very important point that Obama get's the youth vote. "Obama continues to carry the most important segment of Democratic voters, young people who have never voted before." (See fourth paragraph under Lunchbox Democrats)  Truth is I searched for some numbers to support this conclusion and couldn't find a current article.  The Harvard Institute of Politics found that 70% of young voters ages 18 to 24 favor Obama.  The results are impressive and demonstrate the kind of growth the democratic party needs to even the score with Republicans nationally.


Twenty -four is well over my shoulder, but I recognize the importance of this segment of our population, mostly I'm deeply cognizant of the fact that the worse thing for our country and our planet would be to alienate them.  This generation, largely due to the Internet hold tremendous power to be informed, to activate, and to participate. They need to be part of the system, and if they become disaffected you will find them to be more vocal than anyone in the 60's and 70's.  

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Kim said...

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The red door deli is in Thomasville, GA I took the picture around midnight, the streets are usually empty there at that time and the streetlights create a nice glow.