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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Bill Clinton Effect

By Christopher Wilde

As Hillary’s campaign struggles to keep its nose above water her supporters appearing in the media cry sexism at every negative remark about her. Never mind that excruciating negative politics has always plagued Presidential elections, a common example from 1800 is when the Connecticut Courant printed an editorial against Thomas Jefferson stating, “Murder, robbery, rape, adultery, and incest will be openly taught and practiced, the air will be rent with the cries of the distressed, the soil will be soaked with blood, and the nation black with crimes.” I posit that the real cause of negativity against Hillary Clinton is the perception of her own behavior and the fact that she had an opportunity to distance herself from Bill Clinton and failed.

An article by Betsy Reed titled Race to the Bottom: published online in the Nation, (May 2, 2008) does a good job of outlining what are clearly a series of high fever sexist remarks:

“-- she has been likened to Lorena Bobbitt (by Tucker Carlson); a "hellish housewife" (Leon Wieseltier); and described as "witchy," a "she-devil," "anti-male" and "a stripteaser" (Chris Matthews). Her loud and hearty laugh has been labeled "the cackle," her voice compared to "fingernails on a blackboard" and her posture said to look "like everyone's first wife standing outside a probate court." As one Fox News commentator put it, "When Hillary Clinton speaks, men hear, take out the garbage." Rush Limbaugh, who has no qualms about subjecting audiences to the spectacle of his own bloated physique, asked his listeners, "Will this country want to actually watch a woman get older before their eyes on a daily basis?" Perhaps most damaging of all to her electoral prospects, very early on Clinton was deemed "unlikable." Although other factors also account for that dislike, much of the venom she elicits ("Iron my shirt," "How do we beat the bitch?") is clearly gender-specific.”

One mistake feminists may be making is to assume the high fever of sexist remarks is indicative of an incurable genetic disease when it is more likely symptomatic of a common roving flu named Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton chose not to cure herself of Bill and is now a carrier. Throughout the campaign Hillary has been spastic in her use of Bill Clinton. When she gives him too big a platform he over shadows her message and angrily argues with voters and stomps down their dissent.


You’ll note the voter’s portrayal here is accurately referring to the task force headed by Hillary that intended to spur a 100-day reform effort. The task force was sued for holding ‘secret meetings’ that excluded the press and the public. While Hillary might deserve credit on improving Health Care for Children is clear in this video the woman arguing is not a child. After the suit Hillary was quietly tucked away and sent to Bosnia where she now famously didn’t avoid, ‘sniper fire.”


Bill Clinton is a problem and he is a contradiction feminists can’t seem to get around. In order to support Hillary they have to support her decision to stay in the marriage despite all of his philandering going back to Jennifer Flowers. While all voters may be able to respect private individuals who stay together in such circumstances it seems an anathema against a woman trying to lead the free world; the public sees Hillary is riding the coat tails of Bill Clinton. That her strongest cores of supporter are found among uneducated blue collar whites and older women doesn’t make her America’s choice candidate she becomes the woman’s candidate. A parallel of this can be see in Jessie Jackson’s run for the white house as he was seen primarily palatable to blacks.

A letter to the editor of the Boston Globe just yesterday bolsters this argument:

“In 1988, I have watched the Democratic presidential-nomination campaign unfold, and, at the beginning, Jesse Jackson was the obligatory black candidate. With little money and a strong message of an anti-drug campaign and jobs for the poor and working classes, Jackson attracted not just blacks and white liberals, but also the white underclasses.” -Denise Dabney Jean

Change the word black to women and anti-drug to health-care and you have just described Hillary Clinton's message and revealed the reason she can’t win.

Still Hillary Clinton could have easily over come this segmentation and stayed in her marriage with Bill by running successfully for the governorship of any state in the Union. That more than anything would have showed her true leadership capabilities and also demonstrated the kind of place Bill might have in her administration.

There is some strong support for the notion that people are deeply disturbed that Hillary did choose to stay as seen again and again in the kind of questions that Chelsea Clinton has repeatedly had to stave off questions about Monica Lewinsky during her appearances. One can presume that these are the questions Americans are really thinking about when they consider Hillary for President. That Chelsea must be the one to field them is likely the result of her approachability. While Barack Obama has repeatedly had to answer for his pastor and denounce him Hillary continues to pass the buck on denouncing Bill Clinton.




Other examples of this can be found on YouTube.









Appearance can easily be reality and when it appears that Hillary’s run for office is only possible by her association with her husband it’s a major step back for feminism and it draws repeated questions to Hillary Clinton’s character. Hillary compounds the problem by surrounding herself with Attack Dogs who constantly perpetuation the notion that there is a ‘do anything’ ‘say anything’ to win mentality in her and in the people with whom she’s surrounded.

The individuals sampled in the media by Betsy Reed are individuals who are not speaking from a script, but are most likely resorting to the green snot of pejoratives because they are choking on the infection Hillary’s given them. That doesn’t make it right, but it doesn’t prove the nation or the media is sexist. What it does show is that America needs a female candidate who isn’t saddled by the ‘Bill Effect’.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hillary is toast, of course, but now is the time to forget all the deceit, her failure to deliver on health care, her terminal hubris, and get working on the campaign to take the white house lest the Ancient Mariner, Born-Again-Bushie, appoint three Ayatollahs to the Supreme Court, have 100 years of war, and feed the Military Indusstrial complex that General Eisenhower warned us about.