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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blog News

As promised I placed a current picture on the site.  The picture chosen was not necessarily the best of the lot (subject to change) but I felt I owed it to my readers to put a face to the words.  Having poured so much into the blog over the last couple of weeks I'm mentally and physically exhausted.  Today I put my efforts into organizing and taking care of some of the back end maintenance for the site.

For those of you who read Speed Racer the reviews I'm hearing support my suspicions; no real story and vapid dialogue.  We'll what did we really expect? 

I published My Operation Chaos: What I Learned in Talk Radio partially in response to the numerous Rush Limbaugh articles that hit the web last night and continued throughout the day.  Despite massive press coverage on T.V. and in print Google searches for "Rush Limbaugh" didn't generate the kind of activity spikes of the last few years.  Makes me wonder if Rush's "Operation Chaos"  isn't more a reflection of the state of his fan base.

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