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Monday, May 12, 2008

Burger King Launches BKIndy.com Gives $10,0000 a Day...

...And Serves Up Rotten Tomatoes for Migrant Workers

   By Christopher Wilde

If you eat Burger King, I don't. Yuck.  They have launched BKIndy.com and are giving away $10,000 a day as part of an Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull promotion.  Apparently the site went online on the tenth of May.

I went through the sign up, they want your cell phone number.  Grrrrr.  Ok, I'm going to give it to them and see if I can dig for $10,000.

After you complete the sign up it tells you to enter your secret code.  So, that code comes from a purchase, something I won't make from them, it comes from a text message, or email I've yet to receive.    Ten Minutes......no code.  Well that settles it, nice promotion and I suppose now I've given them my cell phone number which means they'll probably sell it off to someone else.

I should say my opposition to Burger King isn't taste (though their fries could be better).  It's calories.

For example a Whopper with Cheese, that's 770 calories, or double what I eat in a current meal (I'm on a diet since January, doing good too!)

You can go to BKindy.com or if you want to see what you are putting in your body go to

Burger King.com                                         You will pick the tomatoes Mr. Jones and I won't give you an extra penny! 

Rotten Tomatoes

In doing follow up on this story I uncovered a dispute between migrant workers and Burger King over the workers request for an additional penny per pound for the tomatoes they pick.  Here's were things get really rotten, apparently Burger King Vice President Steven Grover was using his daughters online alias to send post nasty messages about The Coalition of Immokalee Workers representing the workers.  The coalition uncovered that the emails, logged under the name of "activist2008" were actually coming from within the Burger King head quarters, while additional messages came under a second screen named used by Mr. Grover's daughter, who is still in school.  When asked they younger Grover fingered her father as the King behind the messages. Source: The Independent

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Actually, your cell phone # is not a required field. If you'd looked a little closer when you had filled in your info, that field didn't have an asterisk by it. I know this because I just signed up for this promo and I chose not to give them my cell #. I use prepaid and don't want them using up my minutes!