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Friday, May 23, 2008

Campy and Over the Top, but Hey it's INDIANA JONES

By Christopher Wilde

The first half of the movie is great.  You won't be disappointed, that is not until Shia LeBeouf, playing Indy's love child, starts swinging through the trees.  From there on out it's one ridiculous stunt after another leading to an uninspired and expected ending.

Earlier this week I watched Harrison Ford on David Letterman explaining why it had been so long since the last movie.  He said they couldn't find a script everyone agreed on.   On the drive home I kept thinking, "That's what you all agreed on?"

The problem seemed to be in the need for excessive, stupid, and over the top action that didn't really match the motivations of the characters.  That being said your children, twelve and under, will probably have a great time and there's no reason not to take them.  However if you would rather just sit at home and watch it on your own big screen with surround sound you won't have been worse for the wait.

If you need a spoiler here it is:  Indy get's married and saves the day.  Not necessarily in that order.

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