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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hilary Clinton: A Major Setback for Feminists

By Christopher Wilde

Coming off her threat to "obliterate" Iran, and her repetitive attacks against Barack Obama, some are willing to point out the cracks in the Hillary facade.  Don't get me wrong as people go to the polls in Indiana and North Carolina most headlines are bland regarding both candidates.  Reporters are so scared of the Clinton Machine you have to be vigilant to find those willing to provide real insight into Hillary Clinton's true character.

Jodi Kantor in the the New York Times pointed to Hillary's hypocrisy:

"Whatever the results of the primaries on Tuesday in Indiana and North Carolina, Mrs. Clinton has accomplished the seemingly impossible in those states. Somehow, a woman who has not regularly filled her own gasoline tank in well over a decade, who with her husband made $109 million in the last eight years and who vacations with Oscar de le Renta has transformed herself into a working-class hero."

And the headline in another New York Times article by Mark Leibovich and Kate Zernike tags her style as, "ruthlessness":

"For as much as a willingness to “do what it takes” and “die hard” are marketable commodities in politics, they can also yield to less flattering qualities, plenty of which have been ascribed to her over the years. Just as supporters praise her “toughness” and “tenacity,” critics also describe her as “divisive,” “a dirty fighter” or “willing to do anything to win.”

On the opinion side Byron Williams tries to direct our eyes to defections in the Clinton camp:

"Former Ambassador to Chile Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon, a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, recently left the campaign apparently to hold a similar position with Obama. It was reported that he raised nearly $500,000 for Clinton. Guerra-Mondragon was appointed Ambassador to Chile by President Clinton in 1994 and served until 1998.

According to NBC News, among the reasons for Guerra-Mondragon's defection included his uneasiness with the tone of the Clinton campaign and was beginning to worry about what this would mean for the general election.

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich, recently endorsed Obama. In addition to serving in the Clinton administration, Reich's personal relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton spans five decades."

Mr. William gives a good history lesson of many more past and present who while once allied, given a choice, can't abide the Clinton mentality.

ABC reporter Jake Tapper during Monday's World News had this to say:

"The National Rifle Association says Clinton's name is synonymous with gun control. But here, in Indiana, in a new mailer, she suggests Obama would outlaw guns. She has distanced herself from trade deals her husband signed into law and she worked to pass. And while her husband raised gas taxes, she wants to give consumers a summer without them."

What is noticeably absent in all reporting of Hillary Clinton are multitudes of women willing to stand up and take the heat for speaking out against her.  Jodi Kantor deserves praise for pointing out that Hillary is a fraud without making it personal.  However, Jodi's rational factual based exploration of Hillary Clinton's willingness to say and do anything to get elected may never outweigh the candidates ultimate secret weapon.  Our pseudo-feminist electorate is obliterated by the fact that Hilary Clinton is a woman married to Bill Clinton.

My heart nearly stopped and I choked on my coffee reading the level of insanity published today in a letter to the editor of the Albany Times Union.  Edwina Walsh, a self described feminist says:

"Sexism has always been a bigger problem than racism precisely because wherever racism flourishes, it is sexist."

Translation: Edwina is saying, I support Hillary because she is a woman.  She's so desperate to make this claim that in her mind lynched black men were victims of sexism not racism. 

Though Edwina is very firm about proclaiming herself a "feminist and American",  apparently what being a feminist means is what she really wants to do is climb on top of Bill Clinton and ride him into the White House.

"When Bill Clinton was president, we had no national deficit, people had jobs, the United States enjoyed international prestige," and adds, "Bill Clinton was the only American president ever to receive a standing ovation at the United Nations."

And after completely undermining, in fact failing to mention, any quality that Hillary Clinton personally holds that would make her a good president Ms. Walsh closes by saying:

"I don't want people not to vote for Clinton just because she is a woman."

I firmly believe that the biggest detriment women have in enjoying real equality is their willingness to criticize and expose this kind of thinking among their fellow women.  We are just not there yet, but the power to change that is solely in the hands of women willing to give voice against Hillary Clinton.

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