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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jimmy Fallon Tapped to Replace Conan O'Brien


According to press reports Mr. Fallon is excited for the job, but outside of his work on Saturday Night Live has he ever carried a single show by himself?  While the movie Fever Pitch was cute he won't be able to lean on Drew Barrymore night after night.

Jay Leno is right, hire the best writers and pay them everything you can, but I have the sneaking suspicion Jimmy Fallon could quickly go the way of Chevy Chase.

Chase, who despite a string of very successful movies, and an SNL alum, failed miserably in late night.  Fallon's career has largely stalled since SNL, and while he comes off as sweet and endearing I've yet to see him appear in anything that suggests he can fill O'Brien's shoes.

Fallon has been selected by Loren Michael's (the Oz behind the curtain at SNL). Michaels also picked then unknown O'Brien to take over for David Letterman, and produces Tina Fey's vehicle 30 Rock.

My fingers are crossed for Fallon.  He's smart and he was hilarious on SNL, but I'd be much more inclined to set my DVR for him if I get an opportunity to see him doing some guest hosting between now and then.  Given his movie failures, you'd think he'd have taped an HBO standup show by now,  does he do stand up?

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