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Friday, May 23, 2008

A Stupid "Press Event" by the Utah Attorney General's Office

By Christopher Wilde

Utah works hard to prosecute child pornography, that's good, but to make their point they set about smashing up a bunch of computers.  The premise here is that images stored on a computer can never be erased and so they must destroy the computers.

Hold on back up.  Images in a computer are stored in the hard drive.  They are not stored on motherboards, RAM memory, they are not stored on most peripheral devices.  Further I believe you can use software to write over the sectors where any data on a hard drive is kept several times to do a complete wipe of the images.

Why all the who-ha?  Hmmm.  Well let's see...elections in November? 

These computers could have been put to better use.  The state could have, at worst case, removed the hard drives and properly destroyed them.  The rest of the computer could have been refurbished and given to Utah schools or another worthwhile organization.

Let's not forget computers are loaded with toxic metals that need to be properly recycled. 

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