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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Theodora Goss Hits Stands this Month

By Christopher Wilde

When Theodora Goss and I attended school together I did not know that she was going to become a writer.  I believed she was going to become a lawyer.  She did and after serving her time in the legal arena went back to school to get a PhD in literature, began publishing short stories of the fantasy genre, and ultimately turned those into a book entitled In the Forest of Forgetting (2006, Prime Books). Her stories have been nominated for major awards: "Pip and the Fairies" for the Nebula Award in 2007, "The Wings of Meister Wilhelm" was nominated for the 2005 World Fantasy Award for Best Short Fiction, and she won the 2004 Rhysling Award for Best Long Poem for "Octavia is Lost in the Hall of Masks."

None of it is surprising she is one of the hardest working people I have ever known and this is to say nothing of her incredible natural creative gifts (there are many).  Anyone who likes to sit back with a good story and feel as if the words have washed over and tickled the secret places of the mind will love her work.

Theodora and I once shared a tapestry through whose border we could enter, inside time stopped, and there we found some respite from the pressures of the world. As I have grown older I have oft longed for that place where my heart could be still and my mind free from the worries of the world.  Fortunately for me, she writes, and so long as she does I find that peace in her every syllable.


I share this with you in the hopes that you will find as much pleasure in her work as I do and to note that this month Theodora is featured on the cover of Locus Magazine.



Official Website

Theodora Goss Online

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