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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Things to Yawn About

Barbara Walters had an affair in the 1970's with U.S. Sen. Edward Brooke, a black man who at the time was a moderate Republican.  Barbara tells Oprah Winfrey in a show to Air Tuesday that at the time a close friend advised her, "This is going to come out. This is going to ruin your career ... This is going to ruin him. You've got to break this off.'"

So, why is Barbara telling us all about it now because a black politician is running for President, because she wants to compare notes or is seeking Oprah's approval?  No, because she's selling a book and needs salacious slut material to sell a story that is almost certainly mostly about her allegedly tough time breaking the glass ceiling of the news business.

I say allegedly because selling your sex life to promote your book is a form of sleeping your way to the top.  Each time someone buys her book on this promotional sex scheme they are edging her book up the charts.    Somehow it's ok to promote your book by selling your past sex life, and it's not ok to sleep with the boss to get ahead?

What I want to know is if Oprah has the tits to reprimand her for it.

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