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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Vatican Goes New Age

By Christopher Wilde

On May 14, 2006 speaking in the Vatican Newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, Father Jose Funes of the Vatican Observatory put a stamp of approval on the possibility of extra terrestrial life forms.

"God became man in Jesus in order to save us. So if there are also other intelligent beings, it's not a given that they need redemption. They might have remained in full friendship with their creator," he said.

"Why should we not talk about an extraterrestrial brother, just as we consider earthly creatures as a brother, and sister? It would still be part of creation."

"The Big Bang theory remains, in my opinion, the best explanation for the origins of the universe that we have, from a scientific point of view."

We may not be able to guess the precise reason for the timing of these statements but one thing is sure, they were inevitable. All organized religion is up against a wall and the strongest and brightest denominations should be looking for every chance possible to comport their faith within the realms of science.

While this must cut across the grain for many ideologues the fact is that in order for any religion to survive in numbers greater than a cult following it must adapt. It must adapt to changing times and changing circumstance.

It was all find and dandy for the Catholic Church to condemn Galileo, but over time the church adapted and now the director of their over observatory is pointing to the heavens looking for signs of life. Likewise here in Utah, the LDS (Mormon) church once fully embraced polygamy and held relatively racist views toward blacks and was forced to change.

Accepting a belief in aliens is a relatively painless acknowledgment by the Catholic Church that is until we are confronted with beings from another planet. What is most important is that it signals to the faithful and to the churches of the world it’s time to open your minds to a universe of infinite possibilities.

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