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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who Sees the President in Utah?

President Bush landed here in Utah yesterday and was whisked virtually unseen to a $500 dollar per person event in the avenues. Afterwards he came out and met the neighbors adjacent to the event shaking hands and giving out White House M&M’s. Cameras caught no more than a wave from the President.

Bush then headed up to Park City for a $70,000 a plate dinner. While he’s here he will meet with LDS church authorities.  At no time will the President be having a public event or be accessible to the general public. He’s just here to raise money for John McCain.

I realize that a President of the United States needs to be able to travel and fundraise, but when it’s not for himself it really bugs. It bothers me that taxpayers have to foot the bill for his jet fuel, fuel for the chopper, security cost, etc. Just so that Utah’s wealth elite can hump his leg.

He is a lame duck President so all the self-satisfied and sanctimonious Utahans who give him money are getting no more than their ego’s stroked by saying they got face time.

The President will then give the money to the republican nominee.  John McCain will most likely remember that these same Utahans didn’t want to see him.

Mean while the stupidity continues as former mayor Rocky Anderson had a small protest rally. The President won’t see the rally nor is he likely to care. Again because he’s a lame duck President the rally serves no purpose but to boost the ego’s of those who participate. Anderson calls that attitude, “complacency” but unless these protesters are going to stretch across the path of his motorcade the protest is nothing more than a big circle jerk.

If you can’t accomplish something meaningful then you aren’t doing anything but stroking yourself. The reality is that a large group of people could do something meaningful. Anderson believes that President Bush should be impeached. All those protesters could go to D.C. and lobby for it, or he could raise money for Barack Obama who will bring the troops home.

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