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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Moroni's Horn Looks Like a Beer Bong

By Christopher Wilde

This May the Utah Hospitality Association began spearheading an initiative to end Utah's private club membership scheme.  For those of you out of state the current law requires that when you go to an establishment serving liquor (what you know as a bar) you are required to pay a membership fee.  The fee consists of purchasing a temporary or year long pass to the specific "private club" before entering.

Use of the membership scheme is an unusual practice to those living out of state, and for those of us in state who choose to go to a private club to drink, or socialize, it's just an annoying reminder that this state is predominantly run and controlled by a statewide, majority population of Mormons.

It is admirable that the Utah Hospitality Association would like to bring us more in line with other states.  That would be a good thing for the image of Utah, and it's something are Republican Governor has voiced some support for, however it's really going to come down to the leadership of the LDS church.  There's the rub, because while state conservatives would have you believe the law exists to promote safety by cutting down on bar hopping, under the theory that this will help eliminate drunk driving, the reality is that is not why the law exists at all.

The purpose of the law is so that every time someone, whether a Utah native or a visitor from another state, goes into a private club they are reminded that they are not a Mormon.  It's a subtle way of saying, 'since you won't join our church we want you to know we (mormon's) despise you and your unholy practice of drinking alcohol'.

Mormon's generally have a lot of fear when it comes to private clubs and drinking.  Since they don't drink they don't understand why anyone would want to, and can not understand or appreciate the subtle pleasure of having a single glass or two of red wine with dinner.  They are, as a result of their fear, unlikely to support the measure.

Despite what anyone will say in debate leading up to a vote on this issue, the reality is that when Mormon's walk up to the voting kiosk they will, regardless of the facts, vote against the measure.  In their minds they will see this as an us versus them issue and will vote to put a mote in the eye of their non-mormon brethren.


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