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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Starbucks Only Half Way There

By Christopher Wilde

I use to frequent Starbucks, it was a good place to embed and write on my days off.  That was until I borrowed a laptop and discovered they charged for Wi-Fi.  From then on I moved to a local coffee chain that has always provided free Internet.

Starbucks has now formed a partnership with AT&T and have concocted a strenuous scheme to keep customers in it's store by offering half-and-half WI-FI.  Under the new partnership customers will purchase a Starbucks gift card with at least a $5 credit. To keep the card active you will half to use the card at least once a month.  For all of this hassle you get two free hours of WI-FI service.  That's right two whole hours!

Somehow that is a better deal for Starbucks than the three drinks I would buy camping out for the whole day doing my writing.  How much longer before the Starbuck's McDonalds merger?

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