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Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer of Gun

By Christopher Wilde

My summer is slammed but it's hard to not take a few minutes and say something about the Supreme Court decision striking down D.C.'s long standing gun ban.  While I am liberal on a lot of issues this is not one of them. 

The colonists of this nation were not the good people, they were just people.  In England and in many parts of the colonies they were viewed as rebels and traitors.  Nobody in England wanted these pathetic Americans to have guns.

For me gun ownership has been about self-protection and, should we ever need it, the right to overthrow our government.

In listening to various debates about yesterday's decision I continue to hear about the escalation of violence in America's inner cities.  One pundit was saying that in his day they took away zip guns, but today things have escalated to automatic weapons.

What I hear in those statements is that we have failed our inner cities.  We have failed our poor.  We want to disarm them.

Were it not for the sounds of automatic gunfire the poor in this country would all but be ignored.

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