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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Vasectomy We've All Been Waiting For

By Christopher Wilde

Researchers at the University of Adelaide, Australia led by doctor Said Al-Sarawi have been developing a radio controlled vasectomy.

The device (at right) is a size of a grain of rice and placed in the vas deferens.  Using a coded radio controlled remote the device can be turned on and off at will by the user.

The device is ready for lab testing but is still a few years off from human trials.  Still it is the most promising and innovative idea for male contraception ever envisioned.

Sign me up!

Men will run to get these- hopefully in secret.  Just imagine all the sex a married man can get from his wife while she thinks she's trying to have a baby.

She doesn't even have to know.  Later when she forces you to the doctor to have your sperm count checked, just turn it on and "poof" there's nothing wrong.  Your boys can swim as easily as you lock your car door.

Because the device is so small it can be inserted into the body with a hypodermic needle, virtually undetectable.

Just imagine men what it would be like to never ever fear an unwanted pregnancy from a crazy, baby hungry ovulating woman.

Best off all a responsible man who keeps knowledge of the device a cherished secret may have the ultimate fidelity testing machine!  You'll have the last laugh the day your wife or girlfriend tries to foist someone else's baby on you.

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