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Monday, August 18, 2008

"Skins" on BBC America

By Christopher Wilde

The BBC does it again.  "Skins," dirty, sexy, a seemingly random and crass show it is actually quite tender, sweet, and serious.  You definitely don't want your teenagers watching this show.   It is part British Outsiders and part Risky Business-it has a well deserved mature rating.  This show is going to catch on with a young crowd especially those who might appreciate the Breakfast Club not just as a teenage snapshot of high school cliques but on the level of an in depth character study.

There's lots of sex, drugs, and nudity to titillate but in the end it's a show about nine friends who really care about each other, deal with a diverse set of personal and social problems, and who struggle to fit in on the edge of a society that is more self-absorbed clock work than genuinely human.

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