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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mormon Bigots Get What They Deserve


By Christopher Wilde

I happened to be working in the home of a Mormon supporter of Mitt Romney on a day when the Salt Lake Tribune reports that a new book claims Mitt Romney's presidential campaign "exposed an undercurrent of anti-Mormon bigotry in this country." While working at his house my client was bemoaning the choice of Sarah Palin over the choice of Mitt Romney to be John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate.

Myself deeply disappointed with McCain's pick I added that I found Palin to be a dangerous choice.  I see her as a woman ill prepared academically, emotionally, or by experince to handled the White House should something befall McCain in office. 

What my client said next should not have been unexpected.  He said, "I'd take her over Barack 'Hussain' Obama."  Clearly this was a continuation of the slanderous lie that Barack is a Muslim.  He is in fact  a Christian, and I believe that my gated community living client knows better but, lacking a substantial criticism of Barack, reverted to this slur.

Saddly in all the years I've lived with and around Mormons my experience is that such bigotry is the norm not an aberration.  Mormon's more often than not pay lip service to tolerance while superbly playing the victim when they don't receive absolute tolerance for themselves. 

Mitt  Romney  is a sterling example of this kind of bigotry and jackbooted fascism.   Here is an excerpt of his speech from the Republican National Convention:

"Last week, the Democrats talked about change. But let me ask you — what do you think Washington is right now, liberal or conservative? Is a Supreme Court liberal or conservative that awards Guantanamo terrorists with constitution rights? It’s liberal! "

What Romney is saying is that if you have been picked up and are held at Guantanamo you are a terrorist.  Never mind that you haven't had a trial, never mind that you've had no due process, attorney, or any opportunity to have evidence presented against you with an opportunity to defend yourself.  Never mind that the very nature of what it means to be an American, the thing we fight our wars for, are those cherished constitutional rights that Romney would deny to anyone he points his finger at and calls a terrorist.

Apparently the idea that someone could be falsely accused and end up in Guantanamo is beyond anything Mitt Romney and his fellow Mormon's could believe.  Truth, Justice, the American way don't seem to mean anything to a man like Romney.

Let me give you a scenario: in an Afghanistan village the son of a tribal leader rapes the daughter of a farmer.  The farmer starts to complain that no one will arrest the rapist and thus this makes trouble for the tribal leader.  This leader then plants evidence and has the daughter's father arrested, sells him to U.S. forces as a "terrorist" and the farmer ends up in Guantanamo.  According to Romney that man does not deserve a hearing, a fair trial, to be safe from torture, or even an attorney.

Nothing at the Republican National Convention was more chilling than to hear Romney make those comments.  Nothing more disheartening than to hear the bigotry and ignorance of one of his followers.  Sadly having lived in Utah for over ten years none of it is surprising.

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