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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Final Presidential Debate 2008


8:31 PM MST The best close yet, "Go vote now it will make you feel big and strong."

8:24 PM MST John McCain advocates George Bushes No Child Left Behind.  Hmmmm

8:12 PM MST  Bla abortion the only interesting thing about this debate is the complete separation of the opinion's of men and women in CNN's polling group. 

7:59 PM MST John McCain has consistently come out of these debates lower in the polls.  He's completely blown the opportunity to come out strong with ideas that resonate with people.  Instead he has wasted it on attacks and appeals to "Joe Six-Pack."


7:50 PM MST  For those watching CNN the ticker at the bottom of the screen of undecided votes tends to go up the longer Obama talks.

7:45 PM MST  It's nice that both candidates want to do all of these great things but in the end we are going to be paying for this war for a long time to come.

7:40 PM MST  It's profoundly sad to see John McCain looks so absolutely desperate and pathetic.  

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