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Sunday, December 14, 2008

An End to the Housing Crisis

By Christopher Wilde

Tonight on 60 Minutes the television news magazine reports that there is yet another wave of housing foreclosures and defaults on the horizon.  Experts are predicting three to five years before we are close to bailing out of this mess.

It's time for the obvious solution.  The solution that no one is talking about.  MARK MY WORDS, they will. 

Sooner or later if the problem gets deep enough and the pain gets hard enough  America will do what it has always done.  Open up the borders and bring in a  massive new wave of foreign immigrants.

Make no mistake.  This is a good thing.  I'm not talking about the huddled masses of poverty stricken individuals of the past.  All around the world millions of people who have enough money to come to this country, buy a house, and start a business are ready to come.  The only thing they need is a visa, a promise of eventual citizenship, and open arms from native born Americans.

We should make that possible.  Chances are our future president will make that happen, but quietly so as not to inflame the xenophobic ignorance of our own masses.

By inviting foreigners to our country who can afford homes  and open small business no one need fear losing jobs.  Jobs will be created and property values will increase as the glut of homes are purchased by our foreign brothers and sisters.

The alternative would be to take advantage of the weak dollar, pack up all those houses, and ship them overseas.

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